20th Anniversary of Hair Metal, Funnies, College Hockey, College Basketball… and other topics from GovLoop’s Entertainment and Sports Bureaucrat

Just to warn you, this is going to be a very random post from the Hokie Guru… the Guru will wander all over the place tonight… the Guru continues his tradition of speaking in the third person:

Note: Please use Plain Language in the federal government; don’t talk like the Guru and his third person lingo. You’ll sound too cool if you starting talking like the Guru

It’s spring break for the Hokie Guru!! The Hokie Guru is half way done with the his government accounting course at Northern Virginia Community College. As some of you might know, the Hokie Guru is converting job series (to auditor) in the federal government (you can find the Office of Personnel Management auditor series qualification standards here).

Music – Circa 1989

Yeah, our theme for tonight… metal with guitarists who know how to fling and swing the hair, baby… a continuation of the Hokie Guru’s 20th high school reunion music tour… boo-yeah one…what did the Hokie Guru just say?

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force


Bon Jovi

I want the truth!! You can’t handle the truth!!

Yep, this is the Tom Cruise before scientology-era… when he was an actor… the Hokie Guru likes George Costanza’s version better:

Ouch, be nice Guru. Tom’s career isn’t over yet.

The Guru gives you the Truth… the truth you know and need, GovLoopers.

Hmmm… and speaking of Georgie and Seinfeld… a Seinfeld reunion on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm… the Hokie Guru is all for it.

Shaq Daddy

Twitterites… Shaq is the man. Did I say Shaq is the man? Well he is!!

College Hockey

Since the Hokie Guru briefly talked about school above, let’s talk about some analogies that you might see on the Graduate Record Examination… the Southeastern Conference is to college football, as the Atlantic Coast Conference (or Big East) is to college basketball, as the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) is to college hockey… the WCHA one tough hockey conference. Boo-yeah two.

If the NCAA Men’s Division One Ice Hockey tournament began today, your brackets would look like this here. No team (not even Miami… if the Redhawks play the Sioux, expect a quick first-round exit and trip back to Oxford, GovLoop… sorry dude) wants to play the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux, the hottest team in all of college hockey. The Fighting Sioux, from the Hokie Guru’s home state of North Dakota, are 12-1-3 in their last 17 games. The Sioux won the McNaughton Cup; the WCHA regular season title tonight against whiskey. Boo-yeah three.

College Basketball

This is one of the most amazing college basketball television weekends of the year… perfect activity for the Guru because he needs to finish his taxes… federal employees (and all government employees for that matter), please finish your taxes.

Warning: East coast bias below:

1.) Game of the Week – #1 University of Connecticut at #3 University of Pittsburgh (March 7, 2009 at 12 PM EST on CBS) – Whoever wins this game will be the overall number one seed in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball tournament. And what a game this will be; a hard fought defensive battle. The Hokie Guru is taking Pitt in this game (for the sweep of UConn); he likes the home team. If you are out late on Friday, you might have time to watch this game when you wake up on Saturday morning.

2.) Virginia Tech at #24 Florida $tate Univer$ity (March 8, 2008 at 2 PM EST) – A big game for the Hokies NCAA tourney hopes. Win this game and two in the ACC tournament and the Hokies are dancing in March Madness. Lose this game and the Hokies go to the Not Invited Tournament. Which team shows up? The one that beat #1 Wake Forest? The Hokie Guru hopes so. Virginia Tech wins a stunner on the road? Maybe if Florida $tate Univer$ity is distracted by the bad press of its football team… the Guru can dream, right? If you are in the DC area, please join the Hokie Guru in the Ballston neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia for some pre-game activities.

Oh yeah, wrong sport!!

That’s better.

Even better.

3.) #7 Duke University at #2 University of North Carolina (March 8, 2009 at 4 PM EST on CBS) — North Carolina knows that a regular season ACC title, a #1 seed in the ACC tournament, a #1 seed (and an overall #1 seed) in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball tournament are all on the line (although, the Guru still thinks the winner of UConn/Pitt gets the overall #1 in March Madness). Plus, it’s senior night at North Carolina. North Carolina wins this game… and big.

4.) #18 Clemson University at #10 Wake Forest University – This game is all about seeding in the ACC tournament… if Clemson wins on the road, they get the three seed in the ACC tournament. The loser could fall to the five seed (depending on whether Florida $tate Univer$ity beats Virginia Tech) and lose a bye in the first round of the ACC tourney. Clemson knows the stakes in this one and the Hokie Guru expects a win on the road.

One last thing… Ben Jacobson, University of Northern Iowa Men’s Basketball Head Coach and high school classmate of the Hokie Guru, was named Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year. Pretty cool; you can see the X Generation starting to take over some of the leadership positions in society.

Oh… please, please Enter GovLoop’s March Madness Bracket Challege (right here). You need a Yahoo account, the group ID is 23430, and the password is govloop.

The Hokie Guru encourages you to take advantage of the great weather this weekend… have a great Saturday and Sunday!!

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March is starting to heat up. Mr. GovLoop is going Duke over UNC. And GovLoop never trusts Pitt – I’m going UConn