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Social Media Club launches in Sacramento

Last night I attended the Sacramento launch of the Social Media Club. I’ve been following the events in San Francisco via friends’ Twitter feeds, but had not had the opportunity to attend an SMC event before.

Chris Heuer, the co-founder of Social Media Club was there to get things kicked off with a very open dialogue centered around using Social Media in the Enterprise.

I was able to connect with just one other government employee from the County of Sacramento, and of course gave the plug for Govloop and the vast number of government agencies who are active in the social space.

I was a bit nervous before the event, since I had been barraged by Sacramento-based spammy followers trying to sell one thing or another, since I posted my Twitter name on the Facebook page for the event. As it turned out, there was a crowd of maybe 50 people, and the conversation was great.

Here’s some of the highlights, captured from the Twitter feed:

Social media is open – the possibilities are endless. Why be limited? (@SallieB)
Don’t just be courageous; be willing to fail (@ChrisHeuer)
“Great Products aren’t sold, they’re bought” @chrisheuer
Social media attitudinal difference is equivalent to outward, open hand. So true! (@MeHeatherD)
Social media really is about the human condition and how we as a culture are learning to become more open (@SallieB)
Transparency is honesty. – @chrisheuer
The three Ts: transparency trust and truthiness @chrisheuer

My favorite topic: Whether to separate the personal and professional profiles:

Social media allows us to have a voice. We have to be ourselves. @ronnieledesma
You have to control your personal brand while being yourself. @matsonian
Transparency will bring out the great ideas in the world @JennaLanger
“It’s my choice how I use social media. It’s up to me to use it reponsibly & to protect my personal brand” @SallieB
Social media causing a transition of power from corporations to individuals. – @chrisheuer

Most Profound thought for the evening:
Making an org more social is not a thing to do, it’s a way to be @MeHeatherD

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Adriel Hampton

Thanks for the roundup, Marilyn! It’s good to see more power reverting to the individual, apparently. Let’s keep making that realilty.