3 “Sunny” Transparency Websites You Should Know About

Sunshine Review

Sunshine Review Screen Shot

They’re “a non-profit organization dedicated to state and local government transparency. The Sunshine Review wiki collects and shares transparency information and uses a ‘10-point Transparency Checklist‘ to evaluate the content of every state and more than 5,000 local government websites” (more about them/source; emphasis added).

Sunlight Foundation

Sunlight Foundation Screen Shot

It’s open government in action. Major elements of their work include the Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Reporting Group, Sunlight Live and the Open House Project (more about them/source; emphasis added).

Sunshine Week

Sunshine Week Screen Shot

It may be over for this year (see our posts for SunshineWeek), but the website is still loaded with information (such as related news and FOI links).

A similar version of this was originally posted at the company that I work for’s product blog (Disclosure: the product deals w/ transparency, gov’t, & technology)

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