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How are You Spending Your Saving?

Full disclosure: I came into work today a little grumpy. It’s Monday and that’s pretty much just the way of the world. But, this Monday is particularly challenging because it’s one of the first days after the start of Daylight Saving Time. My body clock is still off and I’m definitely feeling the effects ofRead… Read more »

3 “Sunny” Transparency Websites You Should Know About

Sunshine Review They’re “a non-profit organization dedicated to state and local government transparency. The Sunshine Review wiki collects and shares transparency information and uses a ‘10-point Transparency Checklist‘ to evaluate the content of every state and more than 5,000 local government websites” (more about them/source; emphasis added). Sunlight Foundation It’s open government in action. MajorRead… Read more »

Setting an Open Government Standard?

Local, state, and federal Freedom of Information and Open Meeting laws govern the public’s right to know what’s going on in their government. These statutes don’t often make mainstream media headlines; however, the effects of them are far-reaching. As technology advances, governments need to keep their websites up-to-date with the latest tools for transparency, thisRead… Read more »