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3 Tips for Job Search Success

ClearedJobs.Net’s Patra Frame provides three tips for job search success:

Tip # 3: Prepare your References!

Figure out your references and get them briefed early in your job search. You should ask those past bosses, project managers, clients or users whose knowledge of your achievements will help you soar past other applicants to become your references. And then you need to be sure that they are ready to do you proud! Give each of them your resume. Add links to any web portfolios, blogs, or other online content you have so they see what you have been up to recently. Talk to them about your goals.

Do you know that a recent survey showed over 1 in 5 people losing a job offer because of a poor reference check? Not all of those were because of negative information; a fair number were because the reference could not add relevant positive information that the hiring manager needed.

Your action: Once you have interviewed and are ready to give reference names to the hiring manager, be sure you contact each reference again. Tell each a little about the organization, the job, why it interests you, and any specifics you might like to have highlighted.

And do not forget – say thanks after each use. Most folks are happy to be a reference if they have a clue what you really want and how they can help. But it makes it easier for your future if you also remember to thank the person for the time and effort.

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