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The GovLoop Unofficial Guide to Getting a Federal Job

Approximately once a month, I get an email from a family member or friend that goes something like “My cousin/neighbor/babysitter is really interested in getting a federal job. S/he can’t figure out the process. Can you give her some inside guidance?” Whether OPM wants to admit it or not, the process is still way tooRead… Read more »

Battle of Wits — Asking the right questions during an interview

You’ve done your resume, connected through networking, submitted the application, made it through the phone screening, through the security scan and are finally in the interview! In “Princess Bride” terms, you have crossed the ocean, climbed the really, really long rope up the cliff, bested the giant, overcome Inigo Montoya’s swordsmanship (and conversation!), and areRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: All Alone In A Crowd

This week’s blog follows up on my August 2, 2010 post – Networking by the Numbers and Offline Opportunities, as far as how you can get yourself noticed amongst the masses of the career-seeking crowd. Yes, it demands some thought, and a little creativity, but it may just pay off for you in the longRead… Read more »

The Government Is Hiring™ has been paying attention, and we have the inside scoop on how to crack the code and land a secure rewarding career with the Federal Government. There are hundreds of thousands of job that have been created by the current administration to help deal with the unemployment crises, so their hearts are in theRead… Read more »

Federal Hiring reform– what does it mean for you?

The federal government is set to hire 600,000 people in the next 2 years, and to do that, they will need to make the hiring process a whole lot easier for outside (non-federal) applicants. Many job-seekers from outside the federal system have complained for years about the difficulty and complexity–not to mention the inscrutability–of theRead… Read more »

3 Tips for Job Search Success

ClearedJobs.Net’s Patra Frame provides three tips for job search success: Tip # 3: Prepare your References! Figure out your references and get them briefed early in your job search. You should ask those past bosses, project managers, clients or users whose knowledge of your achievements will help you soar past other applicants to become yourRead… Read more »

Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired

On a recent Web-surfing tangent, a blog entry came across my screen that I found interesting. From the blog, The Career Guide: A complete online Guide to your all career, there was an article titled “How To Make Yourself Three Times More Likely to Get Hired.” I consider myself one of the fortunate ones toRead… Read more »