3 Ways Developers Can Give Back to #LocalGov

From the very beginning our app has always been about helping local governments, residents, and organizations on a local level. Reporting graffiti in your neighborhood, fighting for clean air, sharing comments with your neighbors, or even just getting news updates from your local council member.

But, more than just helping our customers, we as a team are involved in our community. With this post, we hos to show how others developers can show they care about their local community, especially as it relates to technology. Here are just a few ways we get involved.

#1 Hack for LA

Hackathons have seen a atmospheric rise in popularity inside the technology sphere. The buzz is catching on with governments and civic minded groups. Locally here in Los Angeles, it all started on National Day of Civic Hacking, in June at the Boyle Heights Youth Technology Center.

Hack for LA is a call to action for anyone in Los Angeles who wants to make an impact; anyone can get involved. Projects can address any challenge facing the community, such as platforms that address food and housing distribution for those in need.

The hackathon offered government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and civically engaged individuals the opportunity to work together to move into a new era of solving complex social problems through technology innovation. Hack for LA showcases the latest tech, from 3D printing to robotics. As a Hack for LA mentor, our CEO, Jason, serves to help inspire young community members to consider careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

#2 Mayor Garcetti’s Tech Council

Following Los Angeles’ election of long-time CitySourced supporter Eric Garcetti as our new mayor, his transition team pulled together LA’s most influential names in technology. By serving on the resulting Tech Round Table, Jason is working with the Mayor and his staff to help transform the use and promotion of technology.

Even before his election, Mayor Garcetti was recognized by TechCrunch for his geeky cred. By working with the mayor and his staff, it’s our hope that we can build on the initiative we started with Garcetti back in 2010 with the launch of his mobile 311 app. We see the power technology can have in the civic space and we’re excited to play an active role in transforming LA into a Gov 2.0 city.

#3 Supporting Underserved Youth thru M.O.M.

We’ve volunteered to support at risk youth through Mother of Many (M.O.M.), a non-profit grassroots organization focused on inspiring high school students to improve their grades, stay in school and earn various digital media certifications. Students in 9th through 12th grade, who come from a learning environment where dropping out and failing to meet high school exit exam standards are an unfortunate reality, Mother of Many is committed to assisting young people reverse that trend by taking responsibility for their education.

How do you get involved in the local government scene? Tell us in the comments below.

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