3D Data Visualisation tool for spotting trends, anomalies, links and patterns in data

We have developed a new application for visualising data in 3D called Datascape that can be used by to spot patterns, trends, links and behaviours between disparate data sets.

Data can be imported from almost any source including spreadsheets and databases or even taken from live feeds – with complete flexibility about how you map, move and interrogate your data. More than 65,000 data points over 10 dimensions can be imported, visualised and analysed and we have successfully plotted over 250,000 entities in some instances.

Datascape supports you to:

  • spot previously hidden trends in your data and identify outliers
  • build better predictive models to anticipate future outcomes
  • find anomalies, links, behaviours, relationships that haven’t been obvious before.
  • interact with your data in new ways

So far we have used Datascape to visualise and gain insight on a wide variety of data types including GPS geo-coded data, twitter data, firewall data, scientific data, migration data, chromosome/protein data, geographic data. (see our video channel for some examples – http://www.daden.co.uk/media/videos/)

The best way to truly appreciate the capabilities of Datascape is to see it first hand and we’re more than happy to demonstrate via webinar.

You can also download the free community version of the software at


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