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5 Ways to Avoid the Mommy Track

Being a working Mom requires project management skills as well as balance. Moms like other employees are valuable assets who share great ideas, business acumen and innovation. Yet, some women may be side-lined for advancement because of their passion for their family life or ability to leverage flexible work schedules. This process is referred to as “Mommy Tracking.”

According to a recent Huffington Post article, there has been an 800% increase in the “number of working Moms since 1860.” The reasons for the increase in Moms at the office include everything from fulfilling economic needs, geography, and etc.

While there are more working mothers today, they also want to achieve career success based on their talents and education. In addition, some organizations are making strides to help Moms gain training and education to become future leaders. Still, there are some challenges to success based on perceptions.

How can Moms ensure they are continually viewed as assets and leaders? Here are 5 ways to avoid the Mommy Track.

  1. Share your innovative ideas and implement them
  2. Be the subject matter expert based on your specific core skills
  3. Trouble-shoot issues for the team
  4. Talk with your manager to create a work schedule that meets the needs of the business and also allows you time with family
  5. Offer to take the lead on highly visible projects that will increase your skill sets

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