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P3s are Fun for Everyone!

P3s of the future won’t look like P3s of the past. In future, many of the best government employees will be wizards in working with the private sector. Here’s why, plus tips on getting started.

The Best Government Mobile Apps for Business… and Your Office

With an increasingly mobile American population, most U.S. federal government agencies have launched mobile-optimized “responsive” versions of their official websites for citizens. A smaller number of agencies have taken the extra step to develop specialized apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and most of those apps are aimed to consumers / citizens.

Launching a Business as a Woman

Women launching new businesses definitely face unique challenges—but if you believe in yourself, have a solid business strategy and get the right support, you’ll increase your odds of launching a business that’s geared for success.

Tools for Your Success

The productivity of a business, no matter the size, largely depends on the level of efficiency. In most cases, even huge businesses tend to have a chaotic organization. For instance, a common issue that leads to gross inefficiency is activity duplication. Another form of inefficiency is inconsistencies in task allocation to staff members. In most cases,… Read more »