50 Terms Every Government Contractor Must Know To Win Contracts

Understanding jargon used in government contracting can be a daunting task. I remember sitting in important meetings at the Pentagon, feeling like I was on vacation in a foreign country. I did exactly what most people would do in this situation. I sat quietly and discretely scribbled every unfamiliar word in my notebook. Later that night, I had a series of “ah-hah” moments as I researched the definitions.

I’ve compiled this list so you don’t have to suffer the same internalized shame I had to endure. After you finish reading the entire list, fuzzy terms like “FAR” and “contract vehicle” will never haunt you again.

To view the complete list, visit the GovPlayers Blog. GovPlayers.com

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Heather Coleman

Great list! Thanks for sharing. We just had a brown bag on government contracting lingo for my organization and this tied in very nicely.

Keith Moore

Hello Isaac.

Great to meet you. Keith Moore here from Open Government TV. Your FAR glossary is quite fundamental, but extremely essential to any federal contractor’s success in procurement. This information unbelievably so is a hidden treasure. There is nor formal no focus to let contractors know how important the FAR is to succeeding. One of the reasons for such hush hush about the FAR is because it gives away procurement secrets. Conference planners may put on a conference and charge $2,500.00-$5,000.00 to attend a conference to learn the FAR.

So you may have tapped into something very interesting and valuable. Please visit http://www.opengovtv.com and let’s connect when I return from Milwaukee American Legion Small Business Conference. Collaboration is Open Government TV’s middle name!!

OGTV will be webcasting this event on Demand, so our troops coming home don’t miss out.


Thanks again.

Keith Moore

By others who have been in the field. I had a dear friend who was the Senate liaison to the Marines , personal friends and advise to Colin Powell, and Leon Sullivan before he passed away. Also by friends who worked inside government.