6 Amazing Productivity Tips

Do you consider yourself to be a hardworking person, but get exhausted before finishing a task? Before you think it’s you — take a look at your distractions. They’re draining all your energy!

These tried and tested tricks kill distractions and make you the most productive person in the office.

1. Wear noise-cancellation headphones while working

Your ears have radar that’s on the lookout for gossip 24/7. Noise-cancellation headphones are a great way to block out distractions. Get really big ones so they just scream “Don’t disturb me!”.

2. Put your cell phone on silent mode

Your most loved gadget is also the most distracting. It must remain silent if you want to concentrate on work. Take it out only at set times during the day.

3. Check email at most three times a day

Check it in the morning, once in the middle, and at the end of the day. No more! Tell all your colleagues about it so they’ll know when to expect a reply from you.

Turn off those automatic email alerts — they shoot your curiosity level through the roof. Manually check emails instead.

4. Get to the office early

Don’t like to be the first one there? Neither do your colleagues — use this to your advantage! You’ll get more work done during that time.

5. Tidy up your desktop

Arrange your files in folders so they don’t scream at you for attention. Out of sight, out of mind!

6. Eat lunch outside the office

You’re killing distractions at work, then why get interrupted in your personal time either? If you eat in the office, you could get pulled into meetings. Enjoy your lunch hour away from work.

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