6 Contractor Responsibilities Post Award

Your GSA contract has been awarded and now you can relax right? Sorry to disappoint you but the answer is no, you still have more work to do. Hopefully you have had contact or least know your point of contact (Contract Specialist) if you have questions about your contract, if not it is best that you find out. You will also need to decide which method you will use between EDI and SIP to upload your contract into the system. I have listed six responsibilities of the contractor after you receive award.

  • Download Schedules Input Program (SIP)- For SIP users you need to download the software prior to uploading your contract information. This program is offered through GSA at no charge and allows you to put your catalog into GSA Advantage. If you require training the signup is available at http://vsc.gsa.gov/training/online_training_reg.cfm.
  • Register Your contract in the Vendor Support Center- You need to go to website http://vsc.gsa.gov to register and obtain a password. This is a mandatory procedure, be sure to have your DUNS Number & Contract Number available.
  • Upload Your Products and services in GSA Advantage- This is essential so that other agencies will be able to know what you offer and identify company and contract number(s).
  • Maintain Quarterly Sales Reporting-You are required to maintain quarterly sales reporting by Special Item Number (SIN) through the 72A Quarterly Reporting System. All sales must include the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)
  • Maintain all Modifications- Any changes made during the life of your contract is the contractors responsibility. For proper procedures of modifying a contract please refer to GSAR 552.243-72.
  • Market Your Contract- Just because you went through the blood, sweat, and tears of obtaining your contract does not mean you are guaranteed sales. Building a solid networking foundation can improve sales of your company’s products or services.

For government contract assistance contact Procurement Source Solutions 800-267-7640

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