A History of Internet Search and Google

“Ten years ago, there was no Google, fifteen years ago, there was no search,” begins John Heileman’s 45 minute 3 YouTube videos about the history of search. (Discovery Science) How we got to where we are, the
foundation of social media.
I found this through Watch This Documentary: The History of Internet Search and Google blog post by Stephen Chapman, SEO Whistleblower, ZDNet.
What I found useful in each section
Yahoo – manual indexing, categorizing, and curating (when there were 100,000 websites) Initiated banner advertising.
Excite – Crawl the web for the words the user requested. Not mentioning John Battelle’s Database of Intentions
Initiated the idea of ads as search results.Selling and presenting ads became the norm for search results, forgot about search.
Google – Their different premise, that links are a recommendation of website value. Led to a search engine that cared about search again. Started without an idea of how to make money.
Where Google found the idea of their ads. Improved on the idea of selling and providing ads focused on search terms. Features John Battelle.

I really appreciated the video and graphics that played with Heileman’s narrative. Somebody was working hard to make the most of video format.


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