A new feature from Fierce Government IT

This week, the folks at Fierce Government IT are launching a new feature called “On the Job.” It’s a look inside and outside government on federal IT initiatives, problems and successess with interviews with the players in the filed.

Our first interview, posted today at fiercegovernmentit.com, is with Ed Meagher, who spent 24 years working in the federal IT space, and now is an advisor with SRA.

We hope you will stop in and read this interview. It’s very enlightening. And we’re hoping you will keep coming by to see the next series of interviews.

Check out the interview at:



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Adam Arthur

“I think this administration will be looking to innovate with new solutions and new approaches rather than simply looking to incrementally improve old solutions and approaches. Hopefully a balance will be struck between these two approaches.”

This is what everyone else will have to do as well. I wish we all had the means to throw out the old and bring in the new quickly, but it isn’t reality. Good post.