Where’s the Blog on Open Source (software and models) in Government?

I maintain a wordpress blog, please visit there. Some day I’ll figure out if we can aggregate existing blogs here!

You can also follow me on twitter: debbryant

And check out my Conference News at the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) web site. It’s the conference everyone in IT wants to send their boss too (or themselves, if they’re in management!)

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A number of blogs cross-post on GovLoop. Basically, it is a copy and paste right now. A little manual but it’s pretty easy and exposes your blog to GovLoop’s great members.

However, we are looking at new tools to aggregate existing blogs automatically.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Steve Ressler
Founder, GovLoop.com

Deborah Bryant

Thanks Steve for taking the time to let me know, appreciated! (Where does he find the time?!) I’m starting to become more active again and will try cut paste.

Congratulations on doing such a great job of building a nice community here.

Best Regards

Deb Bryant

Deborah Bryant


Thanks, very exciting indeed! I’d heard of Maven but this is the first contact I’ve had.


Deborah Bryant

Can’t help but wonder how we might get OSU involved, we are awash in bandwidth (and host major OSS projects – see http://www.osuosl.org where I work). We’re also a founding member of http://www.openhealthtools.org. I focus on public sector adoption of Open Source, otherwise the Lab is staffed with highly technical incredibly talented professional staff and students 😉

Lorie Obal

It’s very exciting to see that interest for open source/government collaboration growing. I was very interested when I found out that something like GOSCON even existed.