A New Name in Mobile Health: Medic Mobile

imageHere on Pulse + Signal I’ve covered the journey of Josh Nesbit, Isaac Holeman and the rest of the folks working to bring mobiles to global health innovation at FrontlineSMS:Medic. Whether it be through a CNN highlight, exclusive footage of their community health worker training or a Poptech write up – there is no doubt that my fascination with mHealth started with their work.

Late last month, the team decided to change their name from FrontlineSMS:Medic to Medic Mobile. The only thing that I see different is how much deeper they are affecting populations in need of revolutionary healthcare methods. Their announcement does a great job of giving insight into their journey of growth and impact. I also like how they pay homage to the platform that started it all – the FrontlineSMS product that Ken Banks put together years ago.

Medic Mobile maintains FrontlineSMS:Medic’s team, values, and mission – using mobile tools to create connected, coordinated health systems that save more lives.

Right on.

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