A real step forward in Information Delivery – the Qwiki

Click on this shortner (http://qwi.ki/fkBPZ5) to watch the Qwiki – “Easy Rider”

Easy Rider – The Qwiki!

If you have not experienced the Qwiki you ought to try one. The Qwiki, as used in this offering, is a full internet information experience and brings you video, audio and referential ties to information found out and about the web.

In this example “Easy Rider” was the query. Yes, I am in to motorcycling too! The Qwiki presents the information retrieved in an instant and does it with a movie style presentation and an audio narration. Once complete the Qwiki presents referential links that, should you click on the reference, drill deeper into the subject matter. For instance, when the Easy Rider Qwiki completes you can extend the learning expreience to “Peter Fonda”, “Jack Nicholson”, “Dennis Hopper” “southwestern US”, “chopper”, counterculture”, etc, etc. Of course each one of those referential learning experiences brings you more information.

How powerful can this be in use to the Government as it interacts with the citizens? What do you think??

Let me know what you think and tell me how you would use the Qwiki in your activities within your agency, please.

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Allen Sheaprd

Informative and entertaining. Good reuse of past and present pictures. You have combined the entertainment of “School house rock” with fast 10,000 foot level oveview.

I really like all the context references – where is the south west, what was going on, what do they look like now. Time period, etc. Theis “backgound” info is wanted. Tv shows like “how its made” to “diry jobs” prove people are curious and enjoy a behind the scenes look.

Compare your Qwiki to the much dryer

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Source: http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2011pres/01/20110127a.html