A Request From The Security Innovation Network: Please help us find the most innovative new cybersecurity companies

The mission of the Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) is to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat Cybersecurity threats. SINET increases awareness between builders, buyers, researchers and investors in the Cybersecurity domain, in particular the Defense Industrial Base and the Federal Government. SINET utilizes a top down – bottom up, mutually beneficial and trust based approach to accelerate innovation and increases business opportunities for both small and large companies.

A key SINET activity is a yearly showcase where 16 top cybersecurity innovators are selected to present their products and technology to builders, investors, researchers and buyers to include US Federal Agencies and commerical entities at the National Press Club.

The front end of this process is incredibly important. We need help finding new innovative firms with great cybersecurity capabilties. If you are in a firm like this we need you to apply. If you are not in a firm like this but can help bring attention to this effort please do so by spreading the word.

Additional information from Security-Innovation.org is below:

We are inviting you to apply now for this unique and select opportunity. There are no fees to apply to be selected or to present for this worthwhile endeavor. The deadline to submit applications is Sunday, July 1, 2012 at Midnight

Application Instructions:
Think carefully about how to answer each question concisely in a way that makes your company stand out. You cannot revise the information once it has been submitted, so please prepare your responses in advance. To assist you in your preparation, please click here to see the 25 question application form.

One of the key questions you will be asked is to enter the security sectors your products or technologies address. There is a second document that shows a taxonomy of cyber security technologies. Please click here to see the Taxonomy Definitions. Study it to determine which categories most closely describe the type of technology you are providing. You can cut and paste the appropriate technology descriptors into the application. Read it beforehand and determine how you will answer each question on the application. Example sectors include “Device Reputation”, “Cloud Security”, or “Big Data Security”. Enter the sector names your products address exactly as they appear on the “SINET Exchange Security Taxonomy Definitions”. You need not enter the definition, just the title of the sector. Also note that the various sectors are grouped into 17 major categories. Enter the specific sector name, not the name of its category. This document lists approximately 140 sectors to choose from. However, if your product addresses a sector that is not listed, enter a title for your sector and provide a brief description.

The information collected from your application will be used primarily by the Showcase judges to select the SINET 16. Except for those questions that are marked confidential, much of the information you provide will also be used to create or update your profile on the SINET Exchange, a private social business network for security professionals.

It is very important to avoid merely cutting and pasting from marketing or other material that only partially answers the questions or adds extraneous material. Our experience has shown that those companies who take care to answer the questions accurately and completely will have a much better chance of being selected.

When you are ready to apply, click on this link and fill out the application:

Additional Showcase Information:

  • The guideline for companies to participate is an annual revenue of less than fifteen (15) Million dollars.
  • The SINET 16 will have eight minutes to deliver their value proposition
  • The SINET 16 will be included in SINET press releases and marketing material before, during and after the Showcase
  • In preparation for the SINET Showcase, SINET assembles a steering committee consisting of cybersecurity leaders from industry, government, venture capital, investment banking & academia
  • The committee works with Federal Agencies and private industry to identify their most critical needs and requirements
  • These needs & requirements are used to help evaluate applicant companies during the vetting process
  • On April 18, 2012, SINET announces that the application process is open to early stage and emerging growth companies to present their solutions
  • On Sunday, July 1, 2012 at Midnight, the application process closes
  • The showcase steering committee will begin their evaluation of the applicants
  • Applicants will be notified by mid July if they make the initial vetting process where 50 companies will be selected for Round 2
  • By mid September 2012, the final list of applying companies will be notified that they have been selected to present at the SINET Showcase
  • The companies selected will receive free coaching and assistance on their presentation in order to maximize their eight minutes on stage. (In order for the companies to present, they must go through complementary and mandatory coaching)
  • Representatives from the SINET 16 companies will have an opportunity to meet with interested parties at their booth during the day and evening reception

Last year’s Showcase SINET 16 were:

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