A Short History on a Mobile Contracts Workforce

We are a deskbound bunch, shackled once by typewriters and then desktop computers. This is changing.

This transformation started with a BlackBerry penetrating the government, and now iPhones, Android phones and iPads are making headway. People say that the mobile workforce will be something new; in reality, it’s something old. It was this way before — for thousands of years.

As long as there have been armies, there have been quartermasters tasked with procuring supplies. This evolved over the years to the model we see today.

The modern acquisition workforce (short of contingency contracting) slaves away at analysis, memos and overbearing regulations. We sacrifice being mobile for sitting in a cube.

The mobile contracts workforce will go back to its mobile roots. The only differences now will be the connectivity and the locations. Ancient procurement pros traveled with armies; we will work from our homes on a very regular basis where we will be more productive and email and phone, not face-to-face, will be the norm.

Things are changing. Jump onboard or get left behind.

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