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TurboTax for Contracts is here!

Some of us in the 1102 community have called for a TurboTax like solution to picking contract clauses for the past few years. Well, DOD has answered our prayers.

Adjust Your Budget to the Sequester

The sequester is looking more likely, so what are you doing to adapt if your paycheck is cut 20%? Here are a few things you can do: Revisit your budget. Develop a new budget baseline. Include the things you absolutely must have. This means your rent/morgage, utilities, groceries and transportation budgets. Track them with Mint.Read… Read more »

We Need to Understand Chinese Procurement

NCMA’s December 2012 flagship publication, Contract Management, published the article Comparative Best Practices in Public Sector Contracting — How the FAR Excels in the Socioeconomic Perspective. The piece provides a brief breakdown of five major procurement regimes including the the European Union’s Procurement Directives used by the European Union and the U.S.’s Federal Acquisition Regulation.Read… Read more »

Poll Results:

Last month’s poll for “How Did You Get Started as an 1102″ is closed and the results are in. There were 52 responses in total. It’s worth looking at how many votes were for “Other”. While this poll is not scientific by any means, a sizeable portion of people that first became 1102s through anotherRead… Read more »

Renee LeFever’s Story

Tell the readers some general information such as your name, where you live, and what recreational activities you enjoy. My name is Renée LeFever. I live in Minnesota and enjoy horseback riding and raising Schipperke dogs. Where do you work right now? What do you do? Currently I am working for the Natural Resources ConservationRead… Read more »

3 Negotiation Methods: Phone, In-Person and Email

After using all three in a professional setting for a few years, I think these are some general notes that can help new government contract specialists. Phone Negotiations First, I prefer phone negotiations. They’re usually faster than the alternative and don’t give either side much time to delay, meaning neither side overanalyzes its interests toRead… Read more »

Giveaway of Federal Resume Guidebook

For the next 24 hours, All Things Sterling is having a free giveaway for a paperback copy of Federal Resume Guidebook: Strategies for Writing a Winning Federal Resume. To enter, a comment at Facebook, Twitter (#atsgiveaway), LinkedIn, or GovLoop will get you one entry chance a piece, with up to four entries for all fourRead… Read more »