Accessibility Requirements for Government Websites – Proposed Rules Round 2

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Remember back in late 2010 when the United States Federal Government (U.S. Access Board in particular) asked the web community for input about proposed rules on website accessibility?

It’s kind of a big deal, so they took all that feedback and want to give it another go around. They call it a “second Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM)”. This means they intend to make some rules, but they really, really want our feedback. These rules would affect requirements for content on local government websites among others.

See the draft rules that include changes based on the feedback we gave them. I was on the NAGW Board at the time, and we analyzed every inch of the proposed legislation.

According to the Access Board, the deadline for comments is March 7. During the comment period, the Board will hold public hearings in Washington, D.C. on January 11 and at the annual CSUN Conference in San Diego on March 1. Then, you can expect them to follow-up with a “proposed rule” based on the input received. Finally, there will be yet another round of comment before the rule is finalized.

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