Acquisition Performance and RateMyAcquisitionProfessor

Well, my good luck streak could only last so long I suppose. You see, I missed my flight out of San Jose, CA. That means I’m getting the next flight to an airport I won’t reveal, but I’ll be spending the night at. (Telling you would be too easy; you have to work for it.)

That means I have time to kill and finally catch up on my writing. Here are a series of thoughts:

1) finally launched. I was able to beta test this a long time ago, but it’s launch date kept getting put off. Being a contracts nerd, I’m mostly interested in the section on acquisition performance. It’s pretty bare right now and more like a basic blog than a real dashboard. Still, it’s a start and I think the recent budget cuts almost crippled the site’s launched.

2) If you were in college during the aughts, you may remember RateMyProfessors. Well, this nostalgia led me to think that a would be helpful. It’d be a very niche market, but it certainly would be helpful to students. As I envision it, it would measure the performance of instructors at DAU, FAI, and VAAA, and companies like Management Concepts.

Anyways, if anything good happens between now and 6 AM (my flight out of the mystery airport), and if I have wireless, I’ll post it up.

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Ru Perera

At least you are in the west coast, spend the time over there for the weekend!! We are anxiously waiting see what is going to happen in the weekend with the weather predictions.

Jeff Ribeira

Mystery airport out of San Jose…my guess is you’ll be camping out in Denver. So that site is pretty cool. It’s a pretty interesting glimpse into the driving principles in each of the departments. Being a beta tester is always awesome.