Adding Organizational Values

“The most important contributions in the workplace are to add values and to be able to influence others to perform ethically through our actions and performance outcomes. We have an obligation to shape a compassionate, fair to all, and ethical workplace. Don’t worry what others do or gain but worry that not doing the right thing and not creating a unified, compassionate, fair in assignments and compensation, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities will hurt us and the organization in a long term. Reject the status quo if it does not provide results in an ethical way, denounce corrupted personnel practices, but focus on adding values and fairness to the organization. Each of us can make a difference. Lift everyone up one opportunity at a time. Do the right thing and act with accountability, self-awareness, and responsibilities. I am holding myself accountable. Aren’t you?”–Phuong Le Callaway, PhD in Organization & Management/Human Resource Management

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