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Organizational Culture: Is It A Problem?

Faced with continuing economic pressures and increasing global competition, organizations are being forced to change and reinvent their organizational culture, structure, and managerial leadership. The government and the private sectors have called for change over the last decade to stay competitive in a tough, constantly changing environment. In the internal environment, most organizations have turnedRead… Read more »

You Are Your Brand

“You work to make a difference and to want to make a meaningful contribution to those around you and for your organization. You don’t work to seek for being loved by all. If everyone in the organization acts as they agree with you but do not want to communicate with you, you have a problem.Read… Read more »

Backstabbing Performance Culture

The danger organization must be aware: backstabbing performance culture will encourage politics performance and discourage true organizational performance. Politics performance culture will drive high performers out of the door! “Microsoft’s implementation – “stack ranking”, a bell curve that pits employees and groups against one another like rats in a cage – plunged the company intoRead… Read more »

Employee Engagement

“Supervisors must stop talking as you know everything and must start giving credit and recognizing high performers and encouraging average performers. Most importantly, supervisors need to practice the art of active listening. Listen a lot more and talk a lot less. Show employees your accomplishments from real performance and results and how you share theRead… Read more »

Why Organizational Trust Matters?

Organizational theorists have been writing about the importance of organizational trust for decade. In their works, McGregor (1967), Argyris(1973), and Likert (1967) have all supported the concept of trust. As cited in Robbins (2003a), McGregor proposed two distinct views of human beings, which he labeled Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X is associated withRead… Read more »

Roles of HR Professionals

Providing service to operating managers is but one of the primary roles of the HR professional. The other two roles are as an advocate and a business partner. HR professionals bring their specialized knowledge, such as how to design effective training programs, how to redesign work roles and organization to fit changes in technology, howRead… Read more »

Investment Funds in TSP: A Review

Do you know how your retirement funds are invested? Where is the bulk of your retirement money? G Fund– The G Fund assets are managed internally by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board. The G Fund buys a nonmarketable U.S. Treasury security that is guaranteed by the U.S. Government. This means that the G FundRead… Read more »