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Julie Perlmutter and I designed a new training for improving corporate blogging operations, modeled after the Sales Lab Status Meetings. This was a one time, interactive presentation for bloggers and managers investigating how to improve their blogging programs.

Most of the participants got the BlogLab handout a week before the program. We told everyone it was the handout, with no assignment. I like to know what is coming at a meeting, and we hoped the participants would bring information. Boy did they ever!
Since the event, I have been receiving a flood of good information, which I have been sending to the participants, one each day. We decided the stream was too good to keep to ourselves, so I’m posting them on Through The Browser, about a week late, catching up.
Post #1 Commenting
The comment function can be used as an important asset for blogging.
Comments increase the meaning, understanding, believability, and importance of a post.
Comments can turn a single post into an enduring destination.
Comments can show rookies what the veterans have learned, create a cadre across time.
See how this post was improved by the comments over time.
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SalesLab’s Rainmaker series returns to the Capital Technology Management Hub, Tuesday, September 13th with 300 seconds of Mark Your Territory. The featured CTMH speaker will be Professor Steve Gladis, author of The Agile Leader. Come join us!

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