Heard any Good Triple U’s Today?

Those that are fans of Jim Rome are familiar with the Triple U – things that were texted to him that were unfunny, uninspired, and unreadable that we hear almost every day. These evolved into a general doctrine of things you don’t really want to say or do.

For example:

1) Two coworkers happen to wear a red shirt on the same day. Coworker number three “Looks like I didn’t get the memo on the dress code today!”

2) Person steps into the elevator with a pizza – fellow elevator occupant “Thanks, I’ll take a slice of pepperoni!” Or person steps into the elevator with flowers – fellow elevator occupant “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”

3) Coworker leaves work after 8 hrs, coworker quips “Taking a half day of vacation today?”

I think you get the idea! During my short time with the federal government, I hear Triple U’s very frequently, and have made it a point to minimize my own (if I recognize them in time!). Have you heard any good one’s lately?

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

The authors of the book on Results Only Work Environment call some of this “sludge.” For instance, when I telework on Friday, co-workers often quip, “Enjoy your long weekend.”

Susan Thomas

When I have changed shoes in the late afternoon to accommodate aching feet, people will remark, “Oh, leaving so soon?”

Equally annoying is the person on a crowded elevator who comments that someone should get off to reduce the weight.

Bryan Conway JD, PMP

@Terry – I like the term “sludge”!

@Susan – I think a lot of Triple U’s are generated by being uncomfortable and generally not knowing what to say! Its either “Great weather we’ve been having, huh?” or muttering to the elevator operator “This job really has its ups and downs, doesn’t it?? Ugghh, I’d much rather talk about the weather, lol

Bryan Conway JD, PMP

A male coworker was recently engaged, and I have witnessed a lot of unfortunate Triple U’s directed at him from other male coworkers! Most are oriented toward it being “all over”, “having a new boss soon”, etc.

Bryan Conway JD, PMP

“Good morning Bob, how are you today?”

“Any day that I wake up north of the sod is a great day!”

Uh, okay, maybe a little too philosphical before my 1st cup of coffee, lol!