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Agile, Iterative, Modular – Get Beyond The Buzzwords

Whether you call it Agile, Iterative, or Modular project management, most agencies are transitioning some of their projects from traditional waterfall methods to techniques that focus on shorter-turnaround, regularly reprioritized deliveries of working products (be that software or other).

To increase government workers’ knowledge of these techniques, ASPE, Inc., invites you to register and attend our free Beyond the Buzzwords lunch and learn series in downtown DC this summer.

Our June 18th session on An Introduction to Agile in the Government was well-received. Future sessions include:

July 31st – Managing Agile Projects, Tools and Techniques – Presentation covers challenges Federal agencies have encountered as they implement Agile and Lean project management and how VersionOne has helped them manage their projects successfully. Target Audience Agile team members, project managers, executives

August 14th – Change Management, A Necessary Step for Agile Adoption – A critical success (or failure) factor in moving Federal customers from traditional waterfall project management to Agile is an effective Change Management Plan. Presentation will cover communications, management and other change management best practices to aid
Agile adoption.

August 16th – Contracting for Agile Services – Federal agencies face regulatory constraints when contracting for Agile services – presentation will discuss acquisition options within the FAR and other regulations. Will include discussion of Federal Chief Information Steve VanRoekel and Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Joe Jordan’s recently-released document detailing recommendations to agencies. Target audience government project managers and contracting officers involved with projects using Agile PM methodologies.

August 21st – Agile Estimating, Moving Away From the HoursOverview of Agile estimating techniques and
methods today’s Agile teams use to solve the common problem of creating project estimates when the complete set of requirements is unknown.

Take this opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Agile/Iterative/Modular and meet others in government working with these methodologies. Click the Beyond The Buzzwords link above to register to attend.

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Josh Nankivel

Very cool Robert, I love that these focus on lean/agile and other methods away from the traditional long cycle time waterfall approaches.