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AGILE WORKFLOW INTEGRATION – Best Practices in Workflow, Records Management, eFOIA and Government Forms Processing

Webinar Information: FREE WEBINAR

DATE: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
TIME: 11:00am EST (Webinar to last approximately 1 hour)
WHERE: In the comfort of your own office
INFO: Please direct all inquiries about the Webinar to: [email protected]
==>IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE AN INITIATIVE, Contact: [email protected]

What is this webinar about?

During this FREE webinar, Feith Systems will present live demonstrations of its BridgeLogiQ solutions and offer insight into how you can automate business processes. Agile workflow integration renders your user and technical resources more productive and promotes greater self-service. With a focus on reducing costs and increasing organizational efficiency, Feith will present this proven solution.

Who should attend?

If your information stockpile consists of paper, images (PDF’s, TIFF’s, JPEG’s), e-mails, application files (Word, Excel, AutoCAD, etc.) faxes, Web pages and any database transaction, all of which are part of a critical legacy application and managed lifecycle, then your attendance is crucial.

Chief & director level, middle management and functional personnel. This webinar addresses essential techniques for integrating existing applications and expanding the boundaries of the community that they serve.

IT staff charged with finding rapid application development solutions to meet ever-changing, enterprise-wide needs.

Those chartered with managing organizational content and streamlining business processes.

Why should you attend?

Hear how savvy organizations implement agile, integrated workflow technology that satisfies end-user demands and adapts to enterprise change with minimal effort from IT.

As a critical technology for capture, distribution and management of disparate information, a workflow backbone can serve to control the myriad of electronic content within your organization. Learn how to expand the self-service model that is necessary for cost effective organizational growth and efficiency.

What are the benefits?

Still trying to decide if you can afford to skip this essential webinar? Here are six invaluable “how to’s” that you will take away from this FREE Feith Systems event:

–> Save time and effort by implementing rapid application/rapid adoption workflow systems

–> Extend the life and value of existing applications to meet end-user demands using minimal resources

–> Score quick wins at user pain points with a right-sized, right-priced vendor

–> Automate lifecycle management across the enterprise

–> Accommodate organizational change and restructuring with minimal effort

–> Create a common user- and database-interface, independent of legacy application constraints

If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email
INFO: Please direct all inquiries about the Webinar to [email protected]

For Current Initiatives, Contact: [email protected] or at (215) 646-8000.


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