Alexander Kott: Army Research Lab to Work With Academia on Cyber Problems

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has formed an alliance with the private and academic sectors with the goal of preventing cyber attacks on military computer networks.

The Cybersecurity Collaborative Research Alliance will work to study the human elements of cybersecurity and develop methods to assess and detect risks to the Army’s infrastructure, ARL said Thursday.

“When we talk about a collaborative research alliance, one of the key values of this mechanism is that we are educating the academic community in the types of problems and unique challenges that the Army needs to have addressed,” said Dr. Alexander Kott, ARL CISD associate director for science and technology.

“We are influencing and guiding the research community toward developing research skills particular to that niche,” he added.

Patrick McDaniel, a professor at the Pennsylvania State University, will serve as the consortium program manager.

Under a cooperative agreement, the Army will finance CRA during the next five years and has an option to provide as much as $5.2 million in renewal funding for another five years.

“The CRA gives us an opportunity to jointly advance the theoretical foundations of a science of cybersecurity in the context of Army networks,” said Dr. Ananthram Swami, ARL collaborative alliance manager.

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