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Data May be Open, but is it Secure?

“It would be false to say that people are happily sharing their data with us.” That’s how the Department of Defense’s Col. Bob Saxon explained his agency’s efforts to open up government data. For all of its potential benefits, open data also presents security risks to those providing the information. From loss of agency confidentiality,Read… Read more »

Mapping Molecules to Fight Cancer

In 2015, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses. While individual prospects of survival have drastically improved over the past decade, there’s still much more for doctors to learn about the disease. Generalized treatments for a variety of cancers have had mild success, but scientists and doctorsRead… Read more »

Analytics-Driven Media Planning: The Way It’s Done

By Elizabeth Kiken, Teena Hampton, and Annette Picon When media planning is done well, media selection is based on big data through syndicated research surveys. All people want media to reach the right audience. And some companies know who their audience is, while others may be surprised to find out who their audience actually isRead… Read more »