American Education Week kicks off

Deltek Principal Analyst Jason Sajko reports.

The National Education Association’s 90th annual American Education Week kicked off yesterday; and to honor this event, Deltek is launching a weeklong blog series highlighting the drivers, priorities and expectations for the public education IT market. We start today with a top 10 list for education request for proposals (RFPs) expected in 2012. Later this week, we will examine cooperative purchasing and cloud computing in education, in addition to statewide longitudinal data systems and education grants. The week will be capped with a budget analysis of education funding with projections for years ahead.
The recession is hindering P-20 education from many angles. Education funding takes up a large part of states’ responsibilities and the lion’s share of their workface requirements. The need to match spending to decreasing and/or flat revenues in balanced state budgets has put pressure on education funding and staffing. While budgets are slashed, we are also seeing increasing enrollments and expectations for results and global competitiveness from our students. These and other factors all put the U.S. education system in a time of flux and redefinition. Technology, policy and practice are also mixing to establish the new vision of education.
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