An Example Of Great Networking

Great networking by Rionda via Flickr

Yesterday in Why You Suck At Networking I focused on some bad examples of attempts at networking.

Here’s a good one.

Yavor has been in the pmStudent community for a long time now, and has interacted with me consistently over time. He has offered helpful feedback to me and advice for how I can improve what I do.

That’s why I’m happy now to announce Yavor has started a brand new blog of his own. He shares my interest in lean/agile software development among other things.

I enjoyed a recent post, “LeanSpark Sofia 2011 conference” and encourage you to check out Yavor’s blog and subscribe. Especially if you are in Bulgaria where Yavor is…but even if you are not, I’m looking forward to Yavor’s thoughts. He’s a really smart guy with lots of great ideas from the conversations I’ve had with him over the last year or so I’ve gotten to know him.

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