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Project Transparency

One of my teams is transitioning from using Kanban to Scrum for discrete development. We’ll probably continue using both because some of what we do is specific to a particular release of a product, and some of the work is support work. I’m excited because we are taking another step in the right direction towardsRead… Read more »

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Project Manager of the Year

Is an inspiration. In 1975, Viet Nguyen was a young Vietnamese refugee. Now he is the USACE Project Manager of the Year for 2012. As reported by Jasmine Chopra-Delgadillo, it’s an amazing American story. Please read Jasmine’s excellent write-up. Right now, Viet is serving in Afghanistan managing several major construction projects. One of several projectsRead… Read more »

Agile Responds to the Top 5 Challenges For Project Managers

This is a response to a great summary of the recent survey posted here: 1. Time constraints Get Agile. Release in iterative cycles instead of a monolithic delivery. It allows for better evaluation of progress, forecasting, and customer feedback. 2. Setting a goal and sticking to it Get Agile. Use cases and user storiesRead… Read more »

Project Communication Fail

A classic post for me is titled“Silence — One of the Two Great Wastes™”. The article cites a few sources that conclude: “…that project deterioration was a function of not listening and not speaking. We named those behaviors the Two Great Wastes.” I love the term quoted in the post, “organizational silence” to describe whenRead… Read more »

What’s Your Leadership Style?

I’m sure this isn’t scientific, but I came across this leadership style quiz and had a go: My results: Your results indicate that your leadership style is predominately: Delegative Delegative Leadership Delegative leaders allow group members to make decisions. This style is best used in situations where the leader needs to rely on qualifiedRead… Read more »