An Interview with Pushpa Chandra of Silver Tail


In this podcast I interviewed Pushpa Chandra, Principal Product Manager at Silver Tail. Pushpa has been working with big data for years, and is a part of the Silver Tail team that develops their web capability. Silver Tail was recently purchased by EMC, and is a part of their RSA security portfolio.

Pushpa talked a little about how our current security models and capabilities are not ready to meet the threats they face. Targeted and complex attacks are able to foil our defenses, and attacks such as DDoS pick away at our network capabilities and limit their effectiveness. Recently, Silver Tail released the fourth generation of their web capability, which delivers an enhanced visualization platform as well as a streaming analytics capability. This allows users to more easily interact with the data they are viewing, and offer them enhanced decision making. If you have more questions on Silver Tail, find them on their website, here.

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