An Introduction to Kapow Software

Kapow software provides application integration capabilities that provide rapid enhancements in IT support to organizational missions. Their Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform is designed to enable the fast delivery of capabilities, and it does so via an easy to understand and use interface.

Kapow eliminates the need for APIs to access application data. This is crucial since many applications do not have APIs, and others have APIs that are hard to understand and code to. With Kapow a point and click interface can form interfaces into any application in your enterprise. Integrations can also be established with cloud-based applications, providing a very agile way to bring all your data together and enhance mission support.

More from the Kapow website:

The Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform delivers unprecedented speed in time to market for integrating internal IT and Cloud applications. Katalyst provides a unique visual flow-chart development environment that combines with a web browser navigation environment, allowing for real-time translation of business requirements directly into an integration solution. Katalyst can not only access applications and data in any standard format like Email servers, REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, CSV, Excel, PDF, File systems and FTP servers, but using the built-in highly scalable Automation Browser, also integrating directly with an application using the existing web interface. This eliminates the dependency of existing documented APIs or adapters, and allows for on-demand delivery of business critical application integration solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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