Please Help A Federal Agency In A Technology Search

I’ve been asked, along with several other volunteer researchers, to brainstorm to produce a list of new technologies to bring to the attention of several federal CTOs. This is part of a not-for-profit activity designed to help keep a slice of the federal community informed.

I would appreciate it if I could enlist your help in this search for new technologies. Like many of you, I am always on the lookout to learn of new capabilities and I try to leverage every source I can. But I wonder, how can I optimize my search?

This is part of the reason we have been migrating our current list of Disruptive Technologies to a new home at We have built a searchable directory there that holds information on capabilities and companies we believe warrant examination by enterprise IT professionals. We hope the site is a reference that will serve the community and we hope that makes it more attractive for the community to alert us to new technologies of interest.

Please help us find new technologies that belong in this directory of virtuous but disruptive IT. If you know of firms with capabilities that belong in this directory, visit the submission page at and let us know what we should know.

For our current search, we are especially interested in technologies related to security, mobility and Big Data science.

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