An Open Government Update from Russia

Dear all,
Last year here in Russia we actively promoted open data and open government initiatives, started new projects and right now we see and review a lot of open government projects lauched by government agencies.
Unfortunately most of these projects are only in Russian so I suggest to use tools like Google Translate to get more information.

First of all we launched 2 new CKAN based open data catalogs: – OpenData Hub – http://hub.opengovdata/.
We moved all datasets from our website to the CKAN based repository.
Also we loaded a lot of new data and – Open police data – – it’s special data hub with crime statistics, police organizations, police budget and so on. It’s part of OpenPolice project –
At the same time russian government agencies also started publishing open data and new projects appeared not so long ago: – Moscow city administration open data portal – – announced 3 weeks ago. It has about 140 public datasets. Most datasets are geodata. –
Open data “promotion website” – it’s part of russian federal government initiative “Open Government and right now it includes documents, ideas, cases and other topics related to the opendata
And even more! Last week Russian Ministry of Finances announced – all-Russia open budget / open spending portal. it provides a lot of information about russian budgeting system, provides open data about budgets and other budget and spending information.
Also we have ongoing process of publishing open data by Russian federal government agencies. As it’s planned we will have not less then 500 valueable datasets published till 13 july 2013. It’s one of the goals for newly established Open data council under Government Commision for “Open Government”.

Me and other co-founders of our NGO “Informational Culture” are members of this council and we keep promoting open data principles.
Sure we still have a lot of issues like: 1. Open licenses are not adopted yet and do not conform russian law 2. Not so many political open data available (like election results, campaign finances and so on) 3. Hard to get census data – Russian statistics agency is very far from openness. 4. We don’t have much information about our projects in English so we are quite isolated.
Sure we read a lot about all open data projects around the world, but not so much about Russian projects known outside of Russia.
But future is brighter now.
— Best Regards, Ivan Begtin

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