Analytics & Decision Making: Taking the Pulse of the World

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Data, data, data. You may love it or you may not. The thing about it is that it tells a story. In some cases, it may even be able to help support a stance on a particular issue.

In this session, Jon Clifton, the Managing Director for Gallup World Poll, shared with the audience about the work that his organization has done to understand the world perspective. In the early 2000’s, someone in the press asked the question about how others outside of USA perceive a particular topic? In this case, it was the situation in Iraq and it got the leaders at Gallup thinking how could they find out.

Enter in the idea of finding out what people in every country in the world are thinking on a particular topic. In order to find the best way to do this, Gallup spoke to its stakeholders to find out what they should be asking in order to get this perspective. Stakeholders included representatives from government and private agencies, historical reviews of information from their founder, and many insights from senior political advisers.

The results were to find out about the following:
-Law and Order
-Institutions and Infrastructure
-Food and Shelter
-Good Jobs
-Well Being
-Brain Gain
-Quality GDP Growth

Gallup believes by being on the ground and asking people in 165 countries about these topics, they can develop better insight into the world around them. They also have comparisons about state to state data for those interested in the USA. More information can be found on Gallup Analytics.

Another interesting session from the Next Gen Conference.

How does data influence the work that you do on a daily basis in the workplace?

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