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In the past 30 days, the portal has received visits from 305 different mobile devices. These visits now account for about 13% of the total visits to the site. Thats a lot of different devices, A-Z, everything from the Apple iPad to the ZTE D930 Chorus. The new visitor rate for mobile devices is 20% higher than for all platforms.

One area that really stands out is the higher bounce rate. Even though has a responsive design that is particularly designed to support smartphone users, the bounce rate for mobile users is 47.66%, while the bounce rate for laptops and desktops is low at 15.6%. Mobile users also spend 35% less overall time on the site and visit fewer pages.

One exception to these numbers is the iPad. The iPad’s bounce rate, at 18.9% is about 1/3 the bounce rate of almost any other mobile device. The closest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy Tab at just over 45%.
57.5% of all mobile visits to come from two devices, the iPad and the iPhone. That means that 303 devices comprise 42.5% of the visits, the most significant of those being the SonyEriccson Xperia Arc.

I expect that these numbers will continue to evolve. I was surprised most about the huge number of unique devices hitting the site. We continue to discuss strategies for how to optimize the user experience for all of these uses and it is clear to me that we still have some ways to go.

I had little personal experience with Android devices until this week when we got a Google Nexus 7 in order to begin preparing an Android User Guide for state employees that would be similar to our iPad User Guide. I was pleased with the ease of setup for the Nexus and the interface for many of the apps, such as Flipboard and Twitter that I am accustomed to using. We don’t see many visits yet from the Nexus or the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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