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Maintaining Resilient State & Local Assets in Utah

DHS provides a wealth of resources and guidance to regional and local jurisdictions, to help them protect and maintain critical infrastructure. However, Kathy McMullin, Planner with the Utah State Division of Emergency Management, described the necessary role that state government can play in providing more localized support.

Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data to Move Your Government at the Speed of Business

Today’s public sector leaders are turning to data analytics to gain actionable intelligence that can improve outcomes for citizens. How are states increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of state government? By dramatically simplifying and increasing the use of data across agencies. Listen to the Archive

Navy, NSF Taps Utah State Professor to Research Spider Silk

Prof. Randy Lewis, a molecular biologist at Utah State University, has received nearly $1.15 million in grants from the Office of Naval Research and National Science Foundation to develop spider silk production methods. Lewis aims to make technology in which silk-making genes of arachnids are transferred to other animals to help boost production, USU saidRead… Read more »

Analyzing Mobile Visitors to

In the past 30 days, the portal has received visits from 305 different mobile devices. These visits now account for about 13% of the total visits to the site. Thats a lot of different devices, A-Z, everything from the Apple iPad to the ZTE D930 Chorus. The new visitor rate for mobile devices isRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Recommendations for open local government

To promote open government, students at the Honors College Think Tank on Transparency and Privacy at the University of Utah recently studied 16 local governments in Utah to determine best practices for keeping local government open. The results of the study will be officially released at a press conference on Wednesday, April 11th. Their workRead… Read more »