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IT project transparency produced and managed by OMB

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Government IT spending put on full display in new Web site

IT Dashboard uses visualization technology to display spending details

* By Doug Beizer
* Jun 30, 2009

The Office of Management and Budget launched a Web site today that uses colorful pie charts, bar charts and raw data to share information with the public about how federal agencies are spending money on information technology, White House officials announced.

Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra introduced the site, IT Dashboard, today at the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New York City.

The dashboard’s homepage displays the federal government’s entire IT portfolio organized by agency in a bar chart. Users can click on the individual agencies on the chart to get more detailed financial and performance information.

Web links are associated with elements on the new Web site so the public can embed charts and other information onto their own Web sites, according to OMB. Agencies will update cost, schedule and performance figures monthly on the dashboard, according to OMB.

The dashboard also provides news and updates on the progress of technology investment and the availability of new data.

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A whole lot of Federal, state, county and local agencies NEED transparency…but are “afraid to ask.”

Donna L. Quesinberry

Have you been monitoring The White sites? The effectiveness that this Administration is enacting regarding Web 2.0 and 3.0 transitioning – or the new connectivism is simply amazing.