I have been applying for jobs with Washington State for a few months now. I have completed 19 applications to various departments and have only been requested to appear at one job assessment. Despite competing with 200 applicants per job, I thought I’d have better luck by now. I am a solid employee with 14 years of supervisory and leadership skills, as well as employee, client and public relations skills. I monitored many processes; including payroll and billing throughout my career.

I adapt my resume each time to match the job description closely, so it is compatible to 75% or more of the key words needed to be processed through the ATS. Frustration is now weighing me down.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Sorry to hear that, Margi.

You may have tried this already, but have you been building relationships with people situated in the organizations where you’re applying? Maybe it’s just setting up informational interviews with a few of the senior leaders in those organizations to learn from them and help them get to know you.

One thing we’ve learned from our mentoring program is that you want to make sure the informational interviews aren’t about getting a job in that agency – more straight up requesting advice and learning how they got to where they are…hopefully, you’ll impress them in the process and they’ll remember you in the application process.

Phuong Le Callaway, PhD

Just keep applying! Did you apply for Federal positions? I have applied for several compatible Federal positions in San Antonio, Texas since early 2011 but have not gone to any interviews. I currently work in DC and my residence in San Antonio. About 98% of my appplications have been referred to the selecting officials, I have not been called for an interview. It is frustrating. It may take years to land a job! I am anxious to work in my home state of Texas as soon as I can! Good luck to you!