Are Local Governments Using Twitter?

I have been researching Twitter feeds of local government. Check out the link below.
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Kim Schaefer

I noticed on another post that your are developing a Twitter manual for Fairfax County. Will you be able to share this. I am quite interested.

Ari Herzog

It looks like your list is only about communities above a certain population and specific to communication. Or did I misread it?

Andrew Krzmarzick

As Mark said, GovTwit.com is the most comprehensive directory for Twitter users in government.

Craig – Looks like GovTwit needs to be updated to include more of your Australian examples.

Marie – the UK is strongly represented (though many are MPs)…may want to check local examples.

I have pinged Steve Lunceford (creator of GovTwit) to make him aware of this conversation.

Kim Schaefer

Twitterandpopulation.docxActually, I tried to include communities of all sizes. I have attached the document which includes the population figures. Keep in mind they are from 2000 census and I used actual, not projected, so I know they are low. The Twitter accounts I selected were the official city or county account. I didn’t include any of the agencies or departments. There are lots of those as well.

Kim Schaefer

For those organizations who didn’t see it:
Many thanks to GovTwit, which is an excellent source of Twitter information regarding all things government. All of the organizations listed above are not listed in the GovTwit Directory. If you would like to be listed, please tweet @GovTwit.

Steve Lunceford

Thanks all, tagged and noted as sourcematerial for adds. I may have to start reaching out to the community for some assistance in adding until self-add features are implemented into the Floxee code base that supports GovTwit.

Steve Lunceford

Kim, interesting posts. Why did you choose to leave out CVBs, PDs, FD, etc? Also, you don’t happen to know which on your list are not yet in GovTwit, do you (keeping data source on back end)? I’ll do my best to get IDs added, but would be easier if you had that vs id by id comparison…

Kim Schaefer

Thanks, Steve. During the time leading up to this, I have been following all of these communities’ Twitter updates. It started out wondering how useful Twitter would really be for 311 type services and if Twitter usage growth continues cabq and SF311 will be good case studies down the road. SF311 had 2,817 followers on 6/29 and they had 3,129 this morning. In a city with over 800,000 population, there is significant room for growth!
I should be able to give you the information on the ones that were not on GovTwit. I will tweet you with additions that I know of.