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Are you Listening to Social Media?

With all the tweets, blogging, and Facebook posting, is anyone listening? Social media seems to be all the rage but to be a valuable tool for business and government, people have listen to what others are saying as well as to be posting. That’s hard to do with the huge volume of messages out there. Without some sort of help, it all seems like noise and the important messages are drowned out. How do you extract these messages from the surrounding noise? Social Media Analytics Tools.

Consumer product companies are now employing these tools to keep track of what is being said about their brands and products. The tools can help track the sentiment of consumers about new movie and book releases, customer service operations, what they feel about the economy and politics. These tools are being used to supplement traditional opinion surveys and focus groups to provide “The voice of the consumer.”

Does your agency use social media analysis? Should it?

Frank Stein

Analytics Solution Center

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