Are Your Friends Costing You Your Next Promotion?

“Show Me Your Friends, And I’ll Tell You Who You Are” – Anonymous

It has been said that birds of a feather flock together and that misery loves company. Why is that? Because the people we choose to associate with are really just a mirror of how we view ourselves.

But darkness will dissipate in light. So if you refuse to spend time with people who are negative and instead choose to better yourself, then your associates will be forced to either stop spending time with you or change themselves.

All of us have a good or bad reputation in the workplace. You may have an excellent reputation, but because of the company you choose, you may begin to look differently in the eyes of those able to promote you. So choose your associates wisely. A good rule to go on is this: are your workmates anchors or engines. An anchor pulls you down while an engine rejuvenates and revitalizes you. Which type do you want to be around?

Did you know that your income is directly related to those you choose to associate with? Yes, it’s true. Studies show most people earn within 20 percent of the average income of their five closest friends. Beware of whom you spend time with. Depending on whom you choose, it can take you faster or a lot longer to get paid more and promoted faster.

Action Item: List the five people you hang around the most. Calculate their income then calculate yours.

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Laura H. Norton

At least the values are clearly stated, morally bankrupt as they may be. Yes, this is how the 1% operates. Silly me! I consider things like people’s characters and good deeds when deciding who is a friend. Now I will make sure to just ask their incomes instead. This nation is doomed.

Sandra Yeaman

I’m with you Laura H. Norton. But I stop short of the last statement. I’m enough of an optimist to think we aren’t doomed – we just need a few good people to break the pattern.

Laura H. Norton

Sandra – thanks. You are correct, of course, and I was indulging a little post-shutdown grumpiness with the last sentence. Verdict of doom not issued quite yet ….

David B. Grinberg

Very interesting advice, Meiko. I suppose it works better for some than others. Personally, I plan to start hanging out with Jay Z!