Army Embraces Commercial Technology, Enables Mobile Workforce

Defense agencies today are faced with an ever-increasing challenge to cut cost while maintaining or even increasing productivity. In today’s Federal workplace, vast numbers of employees are supported by extensive local area networks that require constant maintenance and periodic upgrades. Collectively, servers and workstations are expensive to maintain and secure. The Department of Defense needs a solution that will reduce reliance on large, cumbersome LANs while providing greater flexibility to both leaders and workers.

During the current period of economic uncertainty and fiscal restraint, decision makers are challenged to do more with less. In some cases, success depends on the ability to make better use of the day by shortening the time it takes to do business. A major potential solution being offered by the Army can break the tether that attaches the employee to a fixed workstation, allowing instant access to information or subject matter experts.

Whether traveling by bus, plane or train; from home to the office or from the agency headquarters to a field site, secure mobile technology can provide leaders with the instant access to people and information they need to make sound decisions fast.

The Army Knowledge Online / Defense Knowledge Online Secure Go Mobile program can lead the change to greater agility and responsiveness within DoD. Secure Go Mobile exploits the strengths of commercially available technology combined with the power and security of the AKO/DKO cloud.

Secure Go Mobile is a departure from the common government approach of developing or procuring customized solutions. Commercially-available products bring with them advantages, including user familiarity, ease of use, and capability enhancements driven by customer input.

Secure Go Mobile can potentially enhance military decision making by increasing situational awareness and making data securely available anywhere, anytime. Media ranging from text and slide presentations, to photos, audio and video files could be available for individual consumption or sharing via approved output devices like video goggles, printers, and mini projectors.

Devices for Secure Go Mobile will soon be widely available, reasonably priced, and easily adaptable for DoD use. Unlike legacy mobile platforms, Secure Go Mobile encompasses a global enterprise operational capability. Users are not encumbered by local server forest limitations, and are able to communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, that has an AKO/DKO account. This translates into a minimal investment with a significantly greater benefit to users and organizations.

Secure Go Mobile efficiently and effectively enhances mission accomplishment while minimizing the taxpayer burden.

In the months ahead, look for more information on Secure Go Mobile.

For more information on Secure Go Mobile, send an e-mail to: [email protected].

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