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Certificate Authentication is Vulnerable

When cracking passwords becomes as difficult as cracking keys, then passwords will be secure. When it comes to security implementations, there is a big difference between the theoretical and the practical. In the theoretical world all algorithms work flawlessly, there are no infrastructure vulnerabilities, and security protects against every attack. However, in the real worldRead… Read more »

Empowering Agency Analysts to Minimize Risks

The following blog post is an excerpt from a recent GovLoop guide: Your Cybersecurity Crash Course. We solicited the GovLoop community to learn their top cyber challenges and the report, we answer 12 of their most pressing cyber questions. As public information is increasingly digitized, cyber threats and breaches have the potential to cause catastrophic damage. As society hasRead… Read more »

The Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) Program Field Guide [New Report]

Government needs to become more agile and efficient in the way it combats cyberthreats. Explore our latest guide on the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program to learn how. In today’s world, it’s imperative that government protects our critical infrastructure to preserve our physical and economic security. To do so, cyber professionals must obtain real-timeRead… Read more »

Situational Awareness and Prioritization Are Key to Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, engineering your way to a more secure environment is a very important step. But according to John Banghart, Director of Federal Cybersecurity at the National Security Council, technology isn’t the only solution. “I want to focus on people and priority, as opposed to technology,” Banghart said. He was speaking atRead… Read more »

Government Cyber Defense – Pay Now or Pay (More) Later

Officials in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), located in Arizona have serious dilemma on their hands. They are one of the more recent victims of a data breach, one that has the potential to affect nearly 2.5 million people. Ouch! For the complete story, I feel for everyone in this situation, withRead… Read more »

Half of Government Employees Fear Phishing Attacks

In our recent GovLoop survey, we found that 49% of respondents are most concerned about phishing attacks. Below, I wanted to share a case study from our recent guide, Winning the Cybersecurity Battle, and offer 3 solutions to avoid falling victim to cyber attacks. We’ve all probably received an email that is a phishing attempt.Read… Read more »

Are You Fully Prepared Against a Cyber Attack? Results From Our GovLoop Cyber Survey

This month is cybersecurity month, and GovLoop has a variety of guides, trainings and resources for you to improve your agencies cybersecurity efforts. Last month, GovLoop released the guide, Winning the Cybersecurity Battle, as part of our Agency of the Future series. Today, I wanted to take a moment to talk through some of theRead… Read more »

GovLoop Resources for Cybersecurity Month

Throughout the month of October, the Department of Homeland Security will be celebrating National Cyber Security Month. To help build broader awareness, GovLoop will also be highlighting our cyber related guides, trainings and infographics as a means to educate and inform on cyber related issues. Today, cyber includes much more than just our personal identityRead… Read more »