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ASPA Annual Conference Event: Founders’ Forum Reception

Wow, this was a great reception (April 11, 2010). Before today I did
not know what the Founders’ Forum was or why people wore special ribbons
on their ID tags. Anywho, these people were amazing. Paul, Dwight,
Jeannie, Toni, and Meredith are just awesome to me and to everyone else.
Their hard work really showed off throughout the entire day, but also
at this reception. The comments they made about the importance of these
and other student/new professional leaders hit the nail on its head,
since these, I should say since we, are really going to have to be the
future of the field.

You know, this really reminds me of a conversation I had with Harvey White (earlier today) and he mentioned to me that we are the future and that those above us (those more experienced) should guide and mentor us
to help prepare us to lead the field while those below us (those with
less experience or those still in training) should be there to support
us. This climate is definitely visible at ASPA and it was crystal clear
at the forum.

For your reference please see the text below (New York Metropolitan Chapter ASPA NEWS, January 2010, Volume 2009/2010, Issue 3)

Founders’ Forum Fellow Nomination Process Now Open for Students – Sponsor a Fellow Today!

Each year, ASPA offers the Founders’ Forum Fellowship Program. Fellowships are awarded to full-time undergraduate and graduate students studying in any field relevant to public administration. Fellows will
have an opportunity to attend the ASPA 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA
and expand their knowledge and skills needed to work in
public service. Please visit the National ASPA website (www.aspanet.org) for the nomination
form and to see the benefits afforded to students.

ASPA would like to offer this experience to as many students as possible. To accomplish this, ASPA needs sponsorship support. Your university or employer can be a part of an exciting and empowering
program designed to help mold future public servants.

To sponsor a Founders’ Forum Fellow, please contact Jeannie Jeffries at 202-585-4310 or [email protected].

Jose Luis Irizarry, MPA, MA
Student Rep., ASPA National Council

Adjunct, Department of Public Management, John Jay College Of Criminal


Adjunct, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, St. Francis



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