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ASPA Annual Conference Event: Students have an Active Voice in ASPA

At the National Council Meeting on April 10, 2010, it seems clear that the council agrees that the Student
Representative (newly establish voting position on the council) should
do the following:

  • Be in contact with students (national and international) and provide students with a direct link to Council. (When I mention students above
    and going forward I also include new professionals).
  • Participate and provide input in program, events, and conference planning to help increase the likelihood that these items meet the needs
    and interests of our student and new professional members.

    • I want to spend some time specifically focusing on professional development, mentoring, and communications as I feel that these things
      are key for our student and new professional members.
    • Engage students from various backgrounds and disciplines (in the US and abroad) in conversations and activities in public administration,
      public service and ASPA.
    • Encourage and facilitate students and new professionals to actively participate in ASPA events locally, nationally, and internationally.
    • Assist in developing more opportunities for student and new professional so actively engage in ASPA activities and in activities
      with our partner organizations.
    • Act as an informational hub for student members (provide advocacy, mentoring, referrals (to other ASPA officers, members, leaders), etc… to
      members as needed).
    • Assist in encouraging, enhancing, and coordinating student participation in ASPA’s social networks.
    • Continue to work with the SIGS and ASPA Officers in creating an ASPA that is more relevant publications, programs and services to members,
      that is responsive to the needs of its members and the public, that
      ensures that everyone is and feels respected and that is able to sustain
      itself going forward.

I should take this time out to note that everyone at ASPA is really excited that there is a Student Representative on the National Council.
It seems like this was a long time goal for the organization—a goal that
demonstrates how far ASPA has come and is going to go in the future. I
am honored, blessed, and proud to say that I am ASPA’s first ever
Student Representative on the National Council and that I get to work
with these amazing and wonderful leaders in the field. I am looking
forward to an amazing and productive 2010.

Jose Luis Irizarry, MPA, MA
Student Rep., ASPA National Council

Adjunct, Department of Public Management, John Jay College Of Criminal

Adjunct, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, St. Francis


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